Sunday, January 1, 2012

A Kind Year

Confession:  I've had Alicia Silverstone's The Kind Life for more than a year and half, and until last night, I had never actually cooked from it.  In no mood to go out, and in the mood for something kind of comforting, I took a look through the recipes and found the one for Udon Noodles.  I have a thing for Udon Noodles: an almost superstitious belief that they are somehow good luck, the kind of food that is both mostly good for you and that brings good things.  I love ordering them at Vietnamese or Japanese restaurants, were they're typically served in broth, but it being a holiday and all, the slightly fried version in the book seemed just fine with me.
After a harried couple of hours deciding whether or not to take up an last minute offer to go out, I chose to stay in, made these noodles, and settled in.  Taking the day to do some cleaning and long-avoided chores, and then following up on a book that I've loved to read but had never made anything from seemed like the appropriate transition between these years.  It may not have been as energizing as a night out or as glamorous as a glitzy evening, but sometimes life is more about creating and cleaning out your home, appreciating the things you already have, and sending fun texts and emails out into the world to connect to the people you care about.  There will be other opportunities for other indulgences, but for the time being it felt really good trying to get my act together as the world communally changed shifted into a new scene.


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