Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Saucy Seitan

Last week I had the great fun of cooking with Lindsey, as she came home to visit her family in Colorado.  We took on seitan again, despite Lindsey's protestations that the brand of wheat gluten we had used in the past made it taste like elephant or horse.  (She has not eaten meat since her early childhood, which makes this comparison even the more troubling...).  She found a recipe for piccata sauce, which was an easy way to dress it up.  It tasted great, particularly when the seitan was cut in thin enough pieces to really take on the sauce.  

We were also Robin's sous-chefs for her chicken piccata. 
Sam, Lindsey's family's adorable black lab, liked them both. For desert I brought over some brownies that I had veganized, which despite their questionable texture tasted just fine with some dairy-free ice cream.  

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