Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Ukrainian Poppyseed Cake

The weather in Colorado has been absurd these past few weeks.  We had almost no snow this winter, and then once spring came we have been hit by a series of major storms. I should be used to this by now, as this is a state well-known for its sporadic, unpredictable weather patterns. I was recently snowed in chez Lindsey, where I sometimes have the very fun responsibility of watching their personality-packed dog.  Such was the case a few weekends ago, and Lindsey encouraged me to take the opportunity to do some baking.  
I am part Ukrainian in heritage. People often mistake me for a large number of nationalities, but few rarely get it quite right without looking at my family name. This baking project allowed me to connect to some of my roots, and to make one of my mum's favorite treats, loaf. 
The recipe is from the original Moosewood Restaurant Cookbook-go check it out!  According to my paternal Grandma, this is one of the twelve traditional dishes served during Ukrainian Christmas, each one representative of an apostle. 


  1. yay! did you end up replacing the eggs? what with? robin and jim said it was very good!!!!!! xo

  2. ...I didn't replace them! Not vegan, but I think it would be really easy to replace them with pretty much anything-it's a really simple recipe. Thanks to your parents for letting me bake in their kitchen!

  3. it was good - I ate the whole thing!