Thursday, June 25, 2009


Like the rest of the world, it seems, I've been on some sort of health kick lately. During a recent trip to Whole Foods where healthy food isn't only sold, it's showcased and marked up to enhance your health kick experience, I caved and bought a Vosges chocolate bar, which are now available nation-wide. Once upon a time, LPS told me about the Vosges experience, and to be honest with you I kind of blew it off. I like my chocolate straight-up, no fanciness needed thank you. I have to say though, even the packaging had me at hello. Complete with the words Ouija breath and an emphasis on the smell and tactility of chocolate, I have to admit that I was very excited to embark. I purchased the Barcelona Bar, and I don't know much about this Katrina, but I can tell you that the salt and the chocolate and the smokiness of the nuts has me hooked, leading me to think that she is some kind of genius. I can only hope that my health kick is soon transferred to exercising more...Here is the link to the madness: Vosges Chocolate, it's more then a girl could ever ask for.


  1. OMG is right - the white chocolate bar w/ kalamata olives is to die for - only sold in the Vosages stores in NYC thank goodness!

  2. Um, yeah that was my mom, she thinks I wrote that post I think... Whoops!

    Yes, I love Vosage, although I am slightly pissed at them that they started selling a bar with bacon in it about a year ago...

    i love chocolate!

  3. I saw the other day that you can get some kind of book-case thing that has has multiple bars in it. Too good. I believe you Robin-there is something about the sweet and salty together that is ridiculous. Maybe they should make a smart bacon one, Linds-let's pitch it.

  4. Better yet we should start our own chocolate company! Smart bacon- I love it!