Sunday, June 21, 2009


I have been unusually nostalgic these days, and as a result have been finding great comfort in simple pleasures, like long walks and these great pastels I picked up at Anthropologie for 10$. 

In an effort to stay in the present, I added a homemade label to this hummus based on the Whole Foods Market recipe to jazz it up and add a little color to these strangely sepia tinted days.  By the time I'm done eating it along-side some spelt crackers (yum. seriously.) and veggies, I'm hoping this bit of creativity and color will translate into my daily routine. 


  1. FABULOUS!!!!! I love it. Can you post your hummus recipe?

    p.s. I totes could have hooked you up with pastels, yay preschool! Although ones from Anthroplogie are much cooler...

  2. Thanks, lady! I think the pre-school ones would be a touch more authentic, but anything for 10$ at Anthro is pretty much a steal...If you go to Whole Foods Market and search for Simply Delicious Hummus, the recipe is all yours!