Wednesday, February 10, 2010

SNOW DAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Two years in a row now- yay! Luckily my school called the snow day yesterday before I left, so I went to Whole Foods to stock up.

Apple cinnamon oatmeal for breakfast with brown sugar, raisins and pecans... Made from scratch of course, I don't do the whole instant oatmeal thing.

Black bean "quesadillas" (sans cheese, of course) with homemade refried black beans, avocado with lemon juice and toffuti sour cream for lunch...

Dinner... who knows?! I am busy concentrating on hoping we have another snow day tomorrow (highly doubtful)! :-)


  1. Looks good - warm and hearty! Happy snow Day!


  2. what do you put in the quesadillas besides the beans? I've been meaning to try this out...

  3. Not much, I just jazz up the black beans with onion and spices- for me it's filling enough as long as I have some avocado for the top- you could put any kind of veggies or soy cheese you want though :)