Saturday, September 5, 2009

Soul-ish Food

It's SUCH a good time to go to the farmer's market! I am trying to live it up, I know soon there will only be apples and potatoes for months... I built tonight's dinner around some collard greens I scored at the market this morning, and they were yummmmmmy.

I made some black eyed peas from scratch and added some onion, green pepper, and soy chorizo.

The cornbread recipe is here (I subbed agave nectar for the sugar).

The citrus collards with raisin redux recipe is here. I checked cookbook this is from, Vegan Soul Kitchen, out from the library a few months ago, I think I need to purchase it.


  1. Gee- I wonder if my sweet daughter would ever make this for me when she's home for a visit - I've worked all day and she says, "what's for dinner?" and I say - whatever you're making!!! Looks yummy!

  2. Sorry! I will make it for you. I am really going to try to make more beans...