Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Vegan MoFo Day5: The Art of the Non-Soggy Sandwich

OK, I am veering from my cookbook plan today... I am super tired. But, I did throw together a mock tuna fish sandwich for lunch tomorrow, using my own recipe I made up in my head. Basically I used what I had on hand- I mashed up half a can of chickpeas, threw in a tablespoon-ish of Vegenaise, teaspoon-ish of dijon mustard, a small spoonful of relish, and a few dashes of kelp powder.

But the point is not how I make a mock tuna fish sandwich. The point is how I pack it. Nothing gets me through a crazy morning at work more than knowing I have a yummy filling lunch waiting in my bag. Nothing is more disappointing than opening up my lunch and discovering the sandwich I lovingly packed has become a soggy mess. Ick.

Time and experience has taught me the best way to pack a sandwich for lunch that includes a filling like mock tuna or egg salad is to pack each part individually. Wrap the bread in foil (you can pre-toast it, or toast it at work if that is an option), and put everything else in a Tupperware container. Assemble at work. It may seem like a lot of tedious effort, but it's worth it!


  1. My husband won't eat pre-made sandwiches, so I totally dig this post!

  2. such a smart idea - wherever did you hear about it? wink, wink